Welp, it happened. We took the offer with nowhere to live! We’re crazy.

We’re going shopping this afternoon, and if we do not find anything we’re just going to get a short term lease on an apartment and keep our ear to the ground. We did find a place on Sunday that we put an offer on. The sellers were “MOTIVATED” apparently… well at least the ad said so. Suffice to say, motivation in their eyes meant coming 5K off the asking price, and thats it. Considering the house has been reduced twice (by 5K jumps) and been on the market over 200 days, I think these cats are going to be sitting on it for a bit unless someone with money just HAS to have that house. It had a great layout, but we were about 10K apart on final offers and I certainly was not going up, and they figured they would wait for a better offer.

Oh well, snooze/lose, etc.

Wish us luck today that we fall in love with at least 1 of the 4 houses we will be previewing.

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