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So I’m plowing along my normal routine of visiting sites that make me laugh, and I came upon a link to a site that says quite a bit of the things that probably need to be said about the American Left. It is entitled “An Open Letter to the Open Letter Writers of the Left”. Albeit, a circular sounding title, but it is quite interesting. I’ve often thought when the Democratic party would realize that they have to re-invent themselves if they want to be elected as a majority again. The liberal party of the FDR days was a needed relief, but that same party today needs to serve a different function.

Course, I ended up getting into an interesting discussion with an acquaintance regarding this election. He was an international guy, Canada I believe, and really enjoyed debating with me (I think anyway). The sad part was, people outside of this country seem to think they know America better than its own citizens. In some cases, this may be true, but its definitely hard to prove. Its pretty easy to sit up on your high tower, point down at us “Foolish Americans” and whine about how you are not getting what you want. That’s a very interesting differentiator between the haves and the have-nots (pardon the extreme use of an out-dated and un-PC colloquialism). The “haves” see opportunity where the “have-nots” see oppression.

Quick example and then its time for work. Think about the whole Wal-Mart issue (which ironically has many people divided on like other major issues we face today. Abortion, terrorism, etc). Wal-Mart comes into small-town USA and then local businesses cease to exist. Does it take away from local culture? Yep. Does it assimilate towns into the Wal-Mart way of life? Yep. Are they evil? Nope.

Why not? First off, Wal-Mart is just more innovative than the local business people. There is plenty of competition in this world to share among a few stores in small-town USA. The people who are going out of business have only themselves and their town’s residents to blame.

1) Uh oh, blame themselves? Shame on me for cheering the economic crisis bestowed upon small muffler shop owners! Granted, it is quite harsh to say it, but realizing that any small muffler shop, convenience store, etc can outperform a Wal-Mart if they understand their customers. A prime example of this is the Starbucks fad. Here in Dallas, you don’t see many other coffee shops. It appears that Starbucks owns the market. Travel to St. Paul or Minneapolis and you will find it divided between three distinct chains. Each are succeeding very well in harmony! And I would argue that Starbucks is not even the number 1 player. Its definitely not the best coffee, that award goes to Caribou Coffee, whose site seems down at the moment.

2) People have a choice on where to shop. Put something new in and you will see a surge of people shopping there. After time, the newness wears off and if there is no compelling reason to continue the new behavior, people will revert to old behavior. Meaning, if local shops are important to the towns residents, and they can provide more value (note I did not say lower prices) than WalMart which they most certainly should be able to, Wal-Mart will not be as successful and may even go away. It is possible!

Besides, Wal-Mart really takes care of their employees. Wages, full medical, stock purchase program, etc for all full time employees. Hrm.. not so evil anymore!

Have-Nots can become Haves by figuring out and working within the system. It’s a simple truth, but the more have-nots that figure this out will soon find themselves in another category.

Anyway…. this rant went on WAY too long and probably ruffled a feather or two. I hope everyone’s week progresses well!

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