Whoo, what a day!

Ok… so yesterday was pretty busy. We previewed some houses in Flower Mound and saw Suzette’s house for the first time! She has a gorgeous little place in Lewisville with a big back yard. Her new puppy Windsor (sorry for the oopsie) is pretty damn cute too.

We tried to hook up with Wendi, but she and Russell had some last minute guests that came by to help paint. Can’t really refuse that kind of help! So we elected to come see them another day when they are not scrambling to get ready for painting guests.

On our way back, we hit Burlington Coat Factory to check out the baby furnature. Chris also needed a couple of maternity shirts for work and I needed a new leather coat. We took care of all of them and have a pretty good idea of what we want

So we are on the way home and we get a call from the showing people, saying we are having a SECOND SHOWING!! Sweet! So we hang out at Starbucks for a bit and wait. Well, we get tired of the waiting game (Lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos!) and head back to the house a little early. Well, the folks were still there, but we confirmed our theories that Sharon (our neighbor across the street) has been shooing away buyers. She was standing on her front porch as they were outside our house. We ran by and she invited us in for a few minutes until the buyers left.

So nothing until about 1pm today. Our realtor (selling) calls us and says she has a contract in her hands. Everything seemed cool with the deal except they wanted us to close in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!? We don’t even have a house yet! So after calming Chris down and finding out they would be willing to push one more week (still…. 3 WEEKS?!?!), we ran over to see our other realtor (buying) and preview a couple more houses that we found. We ended up finding an absolutely gorgeous house that we put an offer on, but we lowballed it pretty bad and also put in the quick closing. The house has been on the market quite a while so we are hoping that the sellers really are “motivated” as it says in their ad. Anyway, we are pretty doubtful that any of this deal will go through and we will be back waiting for another buyer.

Tomorrow our new guy starts and man am I glad. I’ve got a ton of work keeping me busy and I’ll be glad to come back home for some good projects. Besides, I don’t like MN between Nov & March.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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