Happy Birfday!

So I figured that there are two major things that happen today being my birthday.

1) I don’t have to carry my Selective Services card around anymore (ok, it was never really on me but was in fact readily accessable with updated address info. Damn I’m a dork).

2) I now don’t check the 18-25 box on marketing surveys, I check 26-Old.

Exciting stuff!! Not as cool as Lottery Tickets (18), Beer (21) or Rental Cars/Insurance Drops (25), but certainly exiting! I’m in for a drought until 35 I think in which case James and I can put together an Adamson/Williams presidential ticket.

Oh, also Happy Birthday to the NSA. Founded 52 years ago on Nov 4, 1952. Here are a couple of other noteable birthdays today!

Born on this day:
Laura W. Bush (58) [GO W!]
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (34) [PUFF DADDY!]
Matthew McConaughey (35)
Walter Cronkite (88)
Doris Roberts (74) [Ray’s Mom on Everybody Loves Raymond]
Kathy Griffin (38)
Najee (47)
Jeff Probst (42) [heh]
Heather Tom (29)
Yanni (50) [w00t big 50! Still looks like my dad with long hair!]
Sharon Swallow (50) [heh swallow]

Born on this day, Now dead (Just borrowing Sturm und Drang):
King Edward V of England
King William of Orange (III), England, Scotland & Ireland
Will Rogers

So now that you know useless trivia about me, I hope you all have a great day today!

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