Will it end? Probably not by tomorrow…

Well the election process is underway. If the hype is correct, we should see record turnouts this year among all groups of voters (which is a good thing). I just hope that with all the mud slinging, bias, and spin that America’s voters can make a choice based on their own research and not what is fed to them by CNN or Fox. It certainly is hard to fight through all the crap in this ever connected world.

I doubt this will be over anytime soon either. I could be surprised, but the lawyers will have their day. Oh, and fear the market. Until a winner is decided, it will not be doing much good, and if Kerry wins it will go down (function of uncertainty, not my opinion). Course, the market performance seems to be something of a back burner in this election. Good luck to all of those voting today!

On a sadder note, any of you that might have remembered my little playing days at Ivy’s, The Prison or The Ranch House might remember a guy named Eli. He was a great musician that loved the stage and influenced me greatly. Without him, I probably would not have played much with them past the first 2 times at The Prison. He passed away Saturday in a tragic car wreck on 635 coming back from a gig. He will be missed greatly; he was one of the good guys.

Eli, wherever you are, from now on when I play Round Here I’ll be thinking of you. I always remember that as your favorite song in any of my sets. Singing Sweet Home Alabama and La Bamba just won’t be the same without crazy backup vocals from me, lead from you and you and Jamie tearing it up on guitar. I will miss you bud, our time was too short.

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