Good night sleep :)

Ok, I know that I got one. Well needed. Chris is still sleeping as well and will probably stay in bed until she hits the 12 hour mark (at least). I know that a full night sleep can do wonders for making you feel better.

My vanity call came through. I’m now NQ5I. Will keep this one until the one I REALLY want comes available. Gotta wait for the FCC to allow me to take it tho. I’ll be watching…

Thankfully, I’ve been able to work all week so I’m not really behind at all. I’ve got work to do that is sitting on my desk, but its not piled up super high. Chris really did pick a good week to have this happen. I’m going out of town next week so luckily I was to be in town, and not working on-site at any projects. Would have been hell to get more resources to cover since we still are looking for consultants.

Anyway…. gotta go attack that work!

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