What a week so far!

So Ivan sure is taking his sweet old time figuring out what to do. And now Jeanne is starting to get organized as well. Forecasts were predicting a very active hurricane season this year, but I don’t think everyone thought it would keep hitting the same areas time and time again.

Work has been VERY busy this week. What a crazy time. I’m off to Lee’s Summit next week, then here, then back up to St. Paul. Lots-o-fun. Can you believe September is 1/2 way over?

I REALLY want fall to show up. I thought we had it in the making, but the temp is back up to the 90s with lots of humidity again. Can’t even open up the windows at night/morning anymore without it seeming to make the whole house stuffy. I hear a cold front is coming through next week, so maybe I’ll get a little break when I return from my trip. I wonder if Ivan will affect my travel next week at all?

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