Went to GrapeFest today! All week we have been thinking that it would be very unseasonably cool out there and boy were we wrong. That’s one of the funny things about McKinney. We get much different weather sometimes from the rest of the metroplex. It was a full 6 degrees cooler up here. Bummer, cause we are hopefully going to be moving closer to Grapevine and all that heat.

Anyway, we had a GREAT time. It has only take us about 5 years to perfect the process, but I was able to taste a majority of the wines, not get drunk, and still remember the good from the bad! Really good day out there overall. The sun and heat really tired me out. Got home and all I wanted to do was sleep (after showering of course)! I thought summer was over!

So on the way home, we decided to rent a movie. I really wanted to grab Jersey Girl, but alas, out. We instead found another movie that we wanted to see but never did in the theater, The Passion of The Christ. Wow is all I can say about that movie. It’s all still sinking in. I also just finished reading The DiVinci Code, so it has been a fairly religion centric weekend. More reading is definitely required!

Ivan has powered up again, and I’m hoping that those in danger’s way will be able to weather the storm. I’m listening in on various ham nets via Echolink, and this weekend is going to get even more busy. Those that want to follow along on the Voice over IP net can do so by clicking here. This is of course listen only, and is simply an audio stream from other IRLP stations that connect into the net. Obviously, as power goes out, less stations will contact. Hopefully those with HF privileges will relay reports.

Three years ago today, a terrorist group brought war on our own soil. We will never forget! Think of all of the victims and heros from that history altering day while you are enjoying your freedom.

Getting so sleepy, I think I’m headed off to bed. Everyone enjoy their weekend and keep folks in the path of Ivan in your thoughts.

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