Was pretty nice this weekend! For Texas anyway. Today was absolutely gorgeous. We did get a cold front last night and it certainly showed.

I enjoyed a long Labor Day tradition of many folks today with the cookout. Granted, it was only for the wife, baby in the oven and my parents, but it was still quite good. I think I’ve eaten enough to skip a meal a day for the rest of the week.

Work this week should be fun. I’m putting out fires locally and running down to Austin mid-week. I’ll be hooking up with James at some point. The question is for how long? If my client work only takes a few hours, I’ll cancel my hotel and just hop on a flight back. If not, I’ll stay the night and head back the next morning. Its kind of a crapshoot.

Anyone noticed Mary Tyler Moore on those Juvenile Diabetes commercials? She is almost 70 but with the amount of makeup on her you would never know. I love watching those old MTM Show or Dick Van Dyke reruns that come on Nick At Nite. She was a hottie in her day! I know she is fighting both diabetes and Parkinsons, she just looked quite strange in that commercial. It almost looks as if it was filmed 15 years ago.

Anyway, sorry for the strange segway. I hope everyone enjoys their shortened week!

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