Guess who got a “night life?”

So I’m walking back to my hotel after checking on a few things here at the office (they are right across the street from each other so its easy. Oh and the St. Paul Hotel does not have high speed internet….), I happen to walk by a construction worker who is cutting through some concrete. This was about 9:30pm, and as I have previously mentioned, St. Paul pretty much shuts down by 6-ish.

Those machines are pretty damn loud and since it was across the street from my hotel, I was hoping that there would be enough insulation to prevent me from hearing it (oddly enough, there seems to be enough to prevent me sending a wireless connection 100ft across the street).

Well, I could not hear that one, but instead I heard some very big trucks and cranes moving sheetrock into the 7th floor of another building directly across from my hotel room. Lovely.

When I said St. Paul needed a nightlife, I did not mean this!

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