August came back…

Oh well! I thought summer was on its way out but it sure has come back with a vengeance this week! I hear that a cold front is coming through this weekend and by Sunday it will cool down a little bit. I certainly hope so!

Boy what a cluster tonight. I get a call from the showing folks at 6:00pm tonight. They say “We have an agent who wants to show it between 6:30 and 7:30pm tonight.” I say, no problem. Of course, this hoses our grilling out plans (good thing I did not start the fire!). So I bust ASS cleaning the house for 30 minutes. You know, vacuum, kitty litter, etc. I leave and come back at 7:15. Nothing. Noone has come by (at least no one signed the book). I leave again until 7:30. Still nothing.

Chris gets home, brings dinner. We’re sitting down watching a movie and at 8:10 the doorbell rings. Of course, the one of the two of us to start throwing expletives is not me for a change. I calm her down and answer the door. The agent says “Didn’t they call you?” I say, “Yeah, they said between 6:30-7:30.” She says.. “Oh no… I have 7:30-8:30”. Well great.

So I ask her to give us a few minutes. Chris says a few more expletives (I know, you are saying, but she is such a sweet girl! Yeah… Watch hockey with her…) and we gather up our food and head out the door. The couple who was coming to see the house looked entirely beaten by this point, and their two little kids probably had something to do with it. They stayed at the house for a total of 10 minutes. Did not take a flyer, CD or notebook. But their kids sure had a fun time in the cat toys! EVERYWHERE! Sheesh, where is the respect?

Anyway, so we came back and finished our movie. She’s drawing up a bath (hopefully she will sleep better tonight), and I’m getting ready to head to bed.

Gotta love the house-on-the-market game!

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