As I am enjoying these days without school (ok, so I am helping to teach, but its a little different on this side of the table), I am finding that catching up on reading is definitely something that is possible. The problem is, I’m continually adding to my reading list and it does not seem to be getting any shorter. Right now, I am reading a study guide by Gordon West for my Amateur Extra radio license as well as I Can See You Naked! by Ron Hoff. Great book on becoming a better presenter.

I hope to finish both by the end of next week. I’ll be traveling next week so that should be a reasonable goal. I’ll also bring another book just in case I decide to go crazy one night and read everything like on our vacation this year.

I can’t wait for fall to finally show up. Football, cool mornings, hell, cool afternoons for that matter. MMmmmmtasty.

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