Uhh… how about plugging it in?

So I’m observing a graduate class earlier this evening and I get to campus about 15ish (more like 10, but who’s counting?) minutes before class is to start. I had been up at Barnes & Noble picking up a couple of texts that needed updating since the last one was almost 2 decades old and grabbing some dinner at Chipotle. Mind you, 15ish minutes before class is supposed to start.

I notice there is a guy working on the computer in the classroom. Now we are all newfangled and PowerPoint everything, so its important to get it all working. Its not. Guy can’t even get the computer to log in. In comes young female employee. No go. Instructor decides he will drive back to his office (20 minutes round trip) to go get his laptop just in case. He left as class was about to start.

The folks working on the computer think that something is broken in the installation (which was determined to be the case) and decide to roll in a new computer to save the day! Only, it takes just about 10ish minutes to get it going. They do get it going just as the prof was walking in the door with his laptop. Unfortunately, it was almost 7pm by this time (30 minutes after the class was supposed to start) and there is always a ton of stuff to go through on the first day. Heh, gotta love how technology can just stick it to ya when you rely on it most (Uhh.. Murphy? You and your masachistic law!).

We did get through most of the material, and I am really looking forward to teaching this stuff (because to teach is to learn over and over again!). I won’t be able to do it as good as the current prof, but maybe someday I’ll be at that level. Course… 80% of success is just showing up, so I figure I’ll be ok there

Its time to sleep now, so I’ll be saying goodnight.

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