New Site Forthcoming?

After doing some serious reflecting on what exactly this site should end up being, I think there will be a new revision forthcoming. I’ve decided that the majority of the meat behind this site is this blog (however sporadically updated lately) and the Photo Gallery. I’ll take the rest of the junk (resume, whitepapers, etc) and move it over to a new site that will strictly be a resume site. Its time to truly separate these two out.

I think I’m leaning towards a moveable type setup over the Zope setup. I’ve become addicted to RSS lately so I’ll definitely create a feed for everyone regardless of the way that I go. I’ve become lazy in code writing for my own sites lately and just figure that I’ll conform to everyone else .

At any rate… I hope to have at least the personal site done by the end of the month, and I’ll finish up the resume site by say end of Sept hopefully. Need James to come up and do some head shots of me. James? WHERE ARE YOU?

Enjoy your weekend!

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