w00t! I’ve got clearance Clarence!

Hey folks, been a busy week. I did get clearance to Graduate! YAAY! So I guess they give out MBAs to anyone these days I’ll be official on Friday.

No bites on the house yet, but it is late in the season and we hopefully did not miss our window. I know our house will sell eventually, and hopefully we can still get a great deal when it is time. Even though I know we are both going to miss our current house AND the awesome area of McKinney, I’m looking forward to moving on to the next chapter of our life as it relates to houses.

I’m wrapping up some travel to Houston today and BOY IS IT HOT! Good gracious it is boiling down here. I hear it is pretty close to the same up in Dallas as well, so I’m going home to not much of a relief. I also do understand a cold front will be coming through tomorrow which should make our weekend quite beautiful. James and I are going to crash the boat on Friday, so that should really help keep things nice.

Have you seen the news about this concert series made up of folks such as Dave Matthews, the Dixie Chicks and others? As soon as I heard that the Dixie Chicks and DMB had an announcement this morning, I just knew there was trouble. Its basically an Anti-Bush, Pro-Change (Kerry of course, I doubt that they would try to join ranks behind Nader) campaign. Freedom of speech is definitely a beautiful thing, but so it the freedom of choice. I’m considering cancelling our trip to see him in Houston this year. Its only in a few weeks and we probably could use the time back at home anyway. I’ll keep everyone posted on if there will be a pair of tickets available.

Anyway… I’ll be updating more soon.

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