St. Paul

I’m wrapping up my trip here in St. Paul and this city sure is nice during the summertime. Its in the low 70s here right now. Mmmmtasty.

One thing that is driving me absolutely BATTY about St. Paul is the fact that the majority of the local businesses surrounding the city have the craziest hours of operation. Like 10am to 5:30pm. Must be fargin nice! We working stiffs sure have a hard time making it out to those locations should we want to shop after work.

I did the travel faux-pas and did not wrap my hair product in a ziplock bag. Guess what? Yep. Horrible explosion all over my bathroom stuff. So I’m trying to get to a huge luggage store to buy a replacement for my return trip and it looks like I’m going to have to try and hit it on my way out to a client site today. I showed up at 6 yesterday and BOOM! Closed! I wonder if those folks would do quite a bit of business if they stayed open an extra hour to hour and a half.

Anyway… enough ranting for me….

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