Well, the weather is nice up here in St. Paul. It was really beautiful both Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday was a record heat day. I guess those nice folks up there wanted to make a boy from Texas feel at home. 94 degrees. WHEE! Its cooler today as a front is working its way through the area, but they say it will be back to the low 70s by the end of the week.

So, you think that you are an invincible teenager? This mom sure showed her son what is up. Be sure to read the whole listing, not just the title, it gets so much better.

This week has been interesting school wise. I’m drowning over here in work for my Capstone and my other class. Things are heating up, but I think by Lakefest they will cool down enough to enjoy it. Also, we’re thinking of throwing our annual Jul 4 party on the 3rd this year (if you know us, you know we rarely have it on the 4th anymore). Any takers?

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