in the process…

Well, I promised a new look, and I’m workin on it… I’ve been playing with some bloggers, and recently, Zope. Its pretty dang nifty, I really do have to say. I’m looking forward to completely finishing it, one way or the other.

Next week will be interesting… Back from Pine Bluff, AR, and off to St. Paul, MN. Consulting is fun. whee.

Anyway… School is hellacious right now. The good news is the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. I am most confident it is not an oncoming train either. At some point, I’ve got to spend 5 hours at the Plano campus to finish up my ethics requirement. I wonder how many other graduating students will be crowded in that room with me….

Ok.. Off to pay attention to Chris for a while.

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