Welp, this week I am in Pine Bluff, AR. Lovely town. (I wish sarcasm could be communicated better over an electronic medium) So I did find one good thing in this town (aside from the Super Wal-Mart) and that is Garfield’s Pub. Nice little joint in the local mall. Great beer on tap, and the food was decent. The service was average, but the bartender started warming up to me when she was not busy running around the place.

I can’t wait to get home. 3 DAY WEEKEND COMING UP!!! So great. I’m booked solid for the next month, work wise. Not only am I on projects every week at work, but I’ve got some photo gigs coming up AND school is culminating. I love that word. Culminate. I love it almost as much as masticate.

Later folks…

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