TV History

Well, we witnessed it. I gotta tell you, I really did like Friends in the day. There were a couple of years towards the end that I started to lose interest. Especially when they started making the episodes odd lengths. I will tell you though, its not necessarily the show, the actors, or the concept that made me lose interest. I think Jennifer Aniston was definitely the most talented actor on the show. I think Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry are pretty close second, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc would be last. While Courtney Cox has had a great movie career in the past, she has not done much lately and Jennifer Aniston’s career has done quite well. Matthew Perry is a pretty funny actor, but he’s pretty much the same funny character in virtually every movie he’s been in. The rest of them speak for themselves.

What is up with the spinoffs? Joey’s got his show, but I read somewhere that there will be many more? Reminds me of the Simpson’s spin-off special.

The reason that I’m getting tires of these shows (its NBC shows btw) is because the last year or so, NBC’s marketing executives ran out of ideas. Now every promo for a show announces that <deep voice>Tonight, the most shocking ER EVER!<deep voice> It seems like every show is like that now on NBC. Law & Order (and spin-offs), ER, The Apprentice (when it was on)… Seriously. Its not the most shocking ever. I’m so tired of NBC’s promos. They sure did have a good run as the best network ever, but Fox and ABC are giving them a run for their money.

Anyway, my rant is done, and I’m sleepy.

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