We’ve been dealing with more death in McKinney. You all heard about the murder of 4 people that happened a few weeks ago (including 2 high school football players). Last weekend some kids were drag racing down Lake Forest and the two in one card plowed into a tree. One died at the scene and the other is still in the horsepistol I think.

Of course the parents of the kid who died at the scene are suing everyone. Families of the kid that was driving, and the kids in the other cars. Cause you know their kid MUST have been forced into the car against his will cause he is a little angel who never does anything wrong. Sheesh. What a way to help the town and victims cope with such a tragedy. Now that makes 3 juniors that have died this year.

Anyway, </rant>… I’m skydiving on the 15th of May, first of many I hope. I’m going for my certification. Then it will be on to the pilot’s license. Oh and I’m graduating Aug 6 provided I don’t completely bomb either of my last two classes. WHEE!

Oh, and if any of you are looking to splurge on seafood, DEFINITELY check out the Oceanaire. Its in the Westin hotel by the Galleria. BEST seafood I think we have ever had. Totally amazing. And they brought us a flaming dessert thanks to Chris’s
Bday. I’ll catch you folks later!

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