Satellite is ALL RIGHT

Sorry bout that folks… Anyway.. So far I am very pleased with the DirecTV Package I got. My new Tivo has most of the features my ReplayTV did and it does not take 8 seconds for it to change channels. w00t!

The local installation folks, S&S Communications, are the bippety bomb. They were really the only pleasurable experience out of the whole acquisition and installation. First problem, Rapid Satellite. Lots-o-chaos over there. They did finally get everything sent my way, so at least its not an entire loss! If you want to use them, don’t expect their folks to know ANYTHING technical (talk to an installer BEFORE you buy) and don’t expect your equipment to show up in a week. Especially if you are in Pegasus land. They are the second big problem. They apparently resell DirecTV and compete with them, but they are more of a hassle to deal with. Screw them.

Anyway, I’m off to beer it with Dad.

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