Happy Anniversary!

Welp, today marks our third anniversary! Its really hard to believe that three years has gone by. In some respects, its flown by so fast that at times we have not had much time to enjoy life. In other respects, its been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Pretty soon its going to be kid time.

I’ve decided to do the Satellite TV stuff over digital cable. Mainly because of their new policy which requires you to get (and pay for) digital cable boxes to recieve your premium channels. So my two TVs that do not have them now do not get any premiums that I am paying for. I understand why they are doing it, but I certainly don’t agree with the methods… especially for long standing customers.

So anyway, I’ve been having some issues getting just the equipment in. I will tell you, initially my opinion is that the Cable industry is doing it right with respect to setup/equipment handling. It’s much harder to do it in the Satellite industry simply because there are too many companies involved. 1 company takes your order, another (sometimes more than one) ships product on behalf of that company, another does your installation. It’s definitely good for local business people, but sheesh.

Do yourself a favor. If you are going to buy satellite stuff, just suck it up and go to your local Best Buy or similar provider, pay the extra $50 to get the equipment you want (as opposed to doing the online or third party thing) and then get your installation done. You will have piece of mind in the fact that all of your equipment will be at your house at the same time and hopefully you can inspect the packaging before you leave the store to ensure that things at least have a chance to be intact.

ANYWAY. </vent>

Have a good day folks!

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