What a weekend! This new pay schedule that I am on really sucks. I like 24 pay periods a year. 26 sucks. Badly. Oh well.

This weekend we busted some serious ass around here. Chris had to work on Saturday, but while she was there I changed the impeller on the parent’s boat and took a few shots with the new camera. Still playing around really, but I’m working it into the workflow.

When I got back, Chris and I got busy at the house. We cleaned out 4 closets and the garage this weekend. I also mowed the yard and took care of getting outside ready for the season. We also got 3 bags of clothing together for the next society that calls. I think its the Kidney foundation that’s coming by.

On Wednesday, Chris and I will be married for 3 whole years! Woh! My parents will have 26 under their belt on Saturday. We’re going to hit Maggiano’s for some good food.

I hope this greets everyone well!

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