VoIP & QoS

Gotta love all of those acronyms. Welp, I took another plunge this week (jeez, why does it always happen like this? Digital Camera, Satellite TV, multi-function printer and now VoIP) and got my VoIP stuff up and running. VoIP means Voice over IP, or in even more laymans terms, my telephone service works through the internet. I’m only evaluating it right now, and I’m trying to get my company to pay for a business line in the house. But if things work well, I’m just going to move my existing numbers over. The service SO FAR has been great and the price is not to be beaten. I’ll save another $20ish on my phone bill.

Anyway, its getting late and I have a laptop-free day of work ahead of me. Dunno what that entails, but whatever.

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