Gotta love animals.

Today was a really fun day. We went to the Zoo in spite of the cloudy and windy weather and it was really awesome. Not only was it not very crowded overall, but we did not have ANY no-shows. Every exhibit had an animal in it (save for some of the closed reptile exhibits). Our niece got to see
some really cool stuff.

On that note, I left my camera at their house. OOPS. Hopefully we can get it back before I head out of town to Providence. That would be sweet.

Well the beergas experiment is a mild success at this time. I still get some pretty foamy beer initially, but I have a feeling it is this particular keg. Killians always acts funny when it is brand new, and I bet there are only 8 beers drawn off of this one. So hopefully, things will calm down a bit shortly. The beer definitely tastes better as there is less of a CO2 taste. It was getting to the point where it was SO prominent in the beer flavor.

Chris and I went to the relatively new Virgin Megastore down on Mockingbird today. That whole place is pretty damn neat (meaning the mockingbird station). They did not have what I was looking for–the new Sorta CD, Little Bay, so we ran across the street to the famous CD World. Well its famous for stocking local acts. So we picked that one, the new Lyle Lovett, and the Evanescence CD. Good stuff.

Maybe James will come by tomorrow? Maybe not! Who knows.

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