Welp, it has definitely been an interesting couple of days. Lots of good stuff has happened. My speakers should be arriving shortly. Hopefully within a week or so. I also got my new nitrogen tank for my kegerator. Switching from straight CO2 to a Beergas mix (N2/CO2). Better for the beer.

Yesterday was interesting. If you can imagine 10 things that might go wrong at a client site when you are trying to help them out, they all went wrong. Thankfully, we did get everything up and running. We are still working out an issue or two, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish this without going back to the client site.

This week is filled with some goodness. I’ve got project work to keep me very busy all week, and it is time for that famous Hallmark holiday to yank at all of our pocket books. Chris and I have decided to do beer and pizza this year (I have the BEST WIFE EVER!) and skip the crowds. We’ll go out some other time this month, but after last year’s ripoff, I’m done with restaurants on Valentine’s. They are smart in doing what they are doing (limited menu, fixed price for 3 course meal, inflated alkyhawl prices), but I’m excercising my right as a consumer to call Pizza Hut and drink out of my kegerator instead.

Don’t forget to send your loved one’s flowers guys!

Now it is sleepy time.

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