Music Review Tuesday

Yeh, its time to review some of the new albums that have come out that I bought over the past couple of months. Yes, some of these are not recent, but deal with it.

Dave Matthews, Some Devil
The first official solo project from Dave Matthews is much darker than that of the early records from the band, and even darker than Everyday. As my buddy James very aptly said, “Everyday was really the first solo album.” If you are looking for the days of Crash and Under the Table and Dreaming, you won’t find it here. What you will find is some very poetic music with some extremely talented musicians.

Howie Day – Stop All The World Now
This much anticipated release is the second studio release from this talented musician. While his first release, Australia, was recorded in short segments and took Day a year to complete, this album was finished in three solid months of recording. Day has a way of writing some really great songs that you can sing along to and enjoy, and he also has a dark side of him that pops out. He is an incredibly talented musician and in a few of the songs on this CD, his creativity is unleashed.

John Mayer – Heavier Things
There is not enough good things I can say about this album. This is the third studio release from Mayer and it is such an amazing combination of upbeat and slow songs that can really make that long car ride enjoyable. The CD comes with the lyrics for all of the songs and various other trivia such as the tempo of each song, where it was written, what part of the body the song touches, etc. If you liked No Such Thing you will LOVE Heavier Things!

Guster – Keep it Together
This recent release from Guster is one of their best releases to date. Their unique sound has a modern Beatles feel to it. If you like simple, up-beat songs, you should seriously consider this album. Their simple melodies are fun to sing along with, and they put on a great live show if you happen to catch one!

Vertical Horizon – Go
The last album from Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want was a very big departure from the classic Vertical Horizon sound. Older releases from the band have a folk feel and their new sound has been described as “Generic Radio Pop.” Go is the same generic sound with the same chords, but new lyrics. It will get quite a bit of radio play I am certain, so you can take that however you like (good or bad). At any rate, I was personally disappointed and will be keeping my old VH CDs in the rotation more than this one.

I hope you all enjoyed the brief blurbs I put here! See you later!

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