What the F?

Yeh, SLACKER! Please, bring it on. I’ve been busy on the job hunt for myself, but also for Chris. What a busy few weeks. Not to mention the mid-terms from hell and projects out the wazoo (yes, I said wazoo).

My home PC has just about had it as far as the current installation. The hardware is fine, but it is doing some VERY strange things. I’m probably going to be doing the fresh install thing this weekend if I can get some time. Once I do that, I have a ton of pictures to upload. Why can’t I upload them now you ask? Well, quite simply, the makers of Batch It!, iRedsoft, just seem to think that their program is bug free and it must just be my computer that is breaking it. I don’t have time to debug their issues (I guess that’s what you get when you pay $30 for a program), so I’m just avoiding things until I format.

Anyway, boating tomorrow, and I certainly hope to get this job thing wrapped up in the next week. LATER!

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