Good LAWD!

Ok, so the last few weeks were hellacious! I was shooting several
seniors, did a magazine photo shoot, and work has been killing me. In
addition to that, school ended last night for the summer and I had some
killer classes that were beating me into a pulp. woh.

This weekend we are doing the haircut thing, visit the niece, and then
head back here for some fun. I’m hoping to spend some time in the studio
tomorrow afternoon. Maybe 2 rolls and some digitals. We’ll see…

American Wedding comes out today! As I have been a huge fan of the
franchise, I am trying to convince Chris to head out there with me. We’ll
see how that goes. She gets off work early, and if I can swing it (work
is also killing me) I’m going to try and get out and do that with her. No
doubt I’ll be working this weekend anyway. Too much to do next week.

Why you ask? VACATION!! Finally a well earned vacation is on tap for me.
We’re renting a house on the beach again this year, but closer to Destin
than we were. This one is a 3 story house and I think everyone will have
their own bedroom this time instead of the girls sharing couches. I’m
going to concentrate on taking lots of pictures. I’ll be bringing most of
my gear I am sure (not studio gear tho!), so I hope to have lots of
opportunities. Maybe I can upload some daily picture updates for everyone
so you can live vicariously…

At any rate, work is calling, so I’m going to bust back in that direction.

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