Happy Independence Day!

Yes, I do realize that it is one day early, but somewhere out in the
atlantic it is 12am Jul 4.

I got some film developed from my new camera the other day and boy was I
shocked. It was a full stop (sometimes more) underexposed! Well that
CERTAINLY cant be a problem with the camera can it? Did the lab hose it
up? Not likely. So yesterday I am running around McKinney taking random
pictures of various things while verifying all along that another light
meter was reading things just the same as the internal meter. Very

I think part of the problem was that the previous owner did not put a
battery in the film back which did not help things. But my second roll of
film (shot Astia to really see any problems) seemed to work fine and it is
well exposed where it should be. Very frustrating indeed…

You know, its amazing what a little PHP knowledge can save you money wise.
I found a great system to do my online proofing with. But they wanted to
charge me 10% of gross sales for every order! BS! Looks like my little
hack of PHP Gallery is going
to be the grand ol’ ordering/proofing proggie for a while.

At any rate, we are going to be busy all day tomorrow party hopping, and
then saturday I’ve got the smoker smoking all day. Everything from
Brisket to ribs. MMmmmm….

Ok, time to run away now and do something useful! Later!

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