Welp, the higher poker beings were not in my pocket last night. Dumb ol’
Darin was a big winner tho! I did manage to stretch my cash out the whole
night, but when we counted out there was only $0.75 in front of me.

The launchers are built for Lakefest! Thats great news! Its coming up
and I’m damn excited. This one is going to be the best yet. I’m hoping
we have just as good weather!

Don’t you love ebay bidders that mislead sellers? After talking to
manufacturers of both camera and flash, I found a guy on ebay who was
selling something that was completely incompatible with my camera setup.
Gotta love that captialistic spirit! I guess if people are dumb enough
not to do their research, they deserve it.

Work is calling now, and I guess I’ll answer it.

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