Capitalism… yaaay!

So I finally figured out what to use for some good counterweight on a
project I am working on. Lead shot! Dense and small, I could get to some
pretty decent weights fairly quickly. I called the local gun range and
the guy said he sold shot, but in 5 pound boxes, $19.95 each.
Ooookaaaay….. So I called a place down in Richardson and the guy said
he’d sell me a 25lb bag for $15. SOLD!

Tomorrow we are heading down to the lake. I am looking forward to a nice
weekend down there. The pisser is instead of bringing pleasure reading,
I’ll have a nice stack of schoolwork to go over. Lovely ain’t it?
Though, next week marks the 1/2 way point so that’s a kick ass!

Time to get ready to sleep now. Did not sleep through storms last night
for some reason…

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