Stupid weed..

I got so upset with this week in my back yard that I can’t get rid of
yesterday. I just dug those things up, filled in the holes with some lawn
soil, and reseeded. Did I find any treasure you ask? Well, I did find a
green shop rag that was buried about 4 inches down. So if you think that
treasure comes in green shop rags, I hit the jackpot.

It is raining today, so all that seed I spread yesterday should be getting
well watered in. This weekend I think we are looking forward to a little
R&R. We’ve been running around every weekend for the last 2 months, and
I’m tired. Plus, next week we are going to the lake. So its time to
catch up on school work and really enjoy working around the house.

I’m wearing sandals today with the rain. Figured if you cant win, might
as well have some fun…

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