The bugs are winning today! You ever have one of those weeks where it
seems like there is a vortex of digital death sitting above a company’s
building? Everything seems to bomb during the week and everything that
you do to fix it just seems to make things worse? Yeh. This week is our
turn. So its just been lovely.

I am working in the studio with the digital camera when I have time, and I
think that things are progressing very well. Those “oh yeah” things are
starting to hit me and thats a good. I hope to get some time to spend in
the studio over the next few weeks which will hopefully help me get to the
next level. I’ve found a few photographers that inspired me and I look
forward to shooting very soon.

Anyone watch the finale of 24 last night? Looks like Season Three will be
coming this fall (hopefully)! Pretty dang nifty!

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