Ahh, homeownership

Welp, being a homeowner is extremely rewarding. Looking at something and
saying, this is MINE. Well, actually its the bank’s for about 30 years,
but you get the idea.

Found some water leaking behind our shower this week. Looks like we are
out some change to get it fixed. Did meet a very cool contractor today
though. Very honest about the job, and gave us lots of options (including
remodeling the whole shower). Guess we’ll just have to take things one at
a time.

Got my official course registration today from the university! Only 3
more trimesters after this one and I’ll be an MBA! WHEE! I am slowly
making progress, and hanging on to every thread I can manage.

BTW, MCI == goood! Got all my fancy voicemail stuff set up and they
really have some nifty technology that helps the customer out. I bet it
was not that expensive overall to integrate as well. Its great that some
phone companies are really trying to turn things around and become a
customer oriented business.

On that note, sleeeep…

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