Strep what?

Damnation if it did not strike again! I did catch this batch very early
though before it could really turn into a nasty case of Strep Throat, so
I’ll be all nice and healthy for the weekend. Hopefully these big aced
antibiotics will help get ol’ Brando back on track for enjoying a weekend
with friends and family.

I have been experimenting with wide-angle portraits lately and am excited
to see the results. Oh, and I’ve decided on a Canon PowerShot G2 as my
toy digicam. I need one for a few reasons. 1) To give the wife something
to play with when we are around family, 2) for test shots in the studio,
3) and for direct digital studio shots where high printable quality is not
needed. I am hoping that number 3 will really help me develop my studio
technique, and yield some interesting photos for the site when I redesign.

Anyway, I spose its time to get back to work. Whee!

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