Can’t stand it anymore!

Ok, there are a few things I need to get off my chest here, so this is
going to be a little bit of a rant. Tune in next week if you don’t want
to read

One of the great things about this country is people can organize and
protest freely and safely as long as it does not cause harm. I welcome
protestors to have fun and make their beliefs known. If someone wants to
take time away from what they are doing to carry a sign and picket
something, go for it. In the past, protesting has successfully changed
the attitudes of many, and in the end had a positive outcome.

To the people that are now on peace protests regarding the war in Iraq, I
have a few things to clarify.

1) How ironic is it that violence breaks out in a Peace protest?? Maybe
you should read your own signs! Listen to your own chants! I think many
people protesting out on the streets are just doing so because it is the
cool thing to do. Kinda like many fans in the Dallas areas only
supporting their sports teams when they are winning. I will guarantee
that 5% of the people at Dallas Stars games have no idea about hockey and
don’t really care.

2) Get your facts straight. This war is not about obtaining cheap oil.
This war is not something that Bush is doing to take the heat off of his
domestic policy. This war is about removing a madman and a terrorist
from power. Why do you support a guy who uses chemical weapons on his own
people? A guy who drained a lush swampy area just because he did not like
the people who lived there. A guy who created an ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER
by pumping oil into the Persian Gulf! You people are CRAZY!

3) You cannot support our troops and still be so anti-war that you can’t
see straight. It makes you a walking contradiction. To support the
troops means that you support what they are doing. You understand that
they are giving their lives to the country so you still have the freedom
to protest. Meaning, you support their actions to keep you free, i.e.,
removing a madman from power.

4) No-one is PRO-WAR. War just sometimes tends to be the only way to
ensure that the way of life you enjoy can continue.

and finally…

5) Just because you like some famous Hollywood person does not mean you
need to think like them. People, do your own research! Please!
for the love of God understand the whole situation before you state some
argument about your opinion. You make yourself look like a fool

Thank you for allowing me to rant a bit, I feel much better. Now, be safe
troops! Come home as soon as you can! We thank you so much for the
sacrifices you make for your country. You are all true patriots!

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