lazy sunday…

Welp, here we are and it’s Sunday! Normally, I like to keep my sunday’s
lazy, but not this sunday.

I spent most of the day perfecting my paper for Operations Management (of
course taking breaks to talk to Wendi in College Station and to have a bit
of lunch while watching The Jerk on Encore), and boy I hope this will help
me get an A. The topic itself is kind of boring, unless you really enjoy
operations management.

Next week (weather permitting) I am going to be down at the Arboretum
taking pictures of the family. Dad has been bugging me to replace our
current family photo for about 6 months now. While I’m there, I’ll be
doing some other photos, and maybe one or two landscapes. It should be

This week, I have 2 projects due. The aforementioned Ops Mgt paper and a
budget for Managerial Cost Accounting that I swear has a plugged balance
sheet. It seems highly unlikely that 228 thousand dollars would simply

Anyway, Out for now. You folks have a good one and tell everyone you know
about Catchlights, Inc.!

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