feelin’ fine

Today has been one of my better days lately. By better I mean I have had
a chance to let some of the craziness of the last 3 weeks really settle
in. Its been quite busy, and I have quite a bit in front of me, but I am
finally really beginning to apply some of the concepts I am learning in my
MBA to real world situations. It’s turning out to be extremely helpful in
solidifying this information.

I also found out that the reason my telephone has not been ringing (aside
from the fact that an un-named telephone company has screwed up one of my
numbers) is because the newspaper ad we are placing has not actually hit
yet. It goes out tomorrow. *whew*! We can delay the total failure talk
for a while!

I’d also like to take a moment and thank href=”http://www.hypnoweb.com/”>Darren Chorely of Hypnoweb for his
outstanding work on collateral for the business. Please take a moment to
visit his site if you are in any need of creative work. He is truly an
artistic genious!

On that note, I am out. toodles.

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