Wow, no foolin on the weather!

Yep, things finally went nuts over here weather wise. Its funny how ice
can paralize a city. It sleeted all last night, and we are supposed to
get round 2 tonite.

I saw the funniest thing today. I was driving around taking pictures
before I picked Chris up for lunch and what should careen by me but a
black suburban with a guy hanging on the bumper riding a sled. Mind you
of course, that he is not sledding around a parking lot. This is down one
of the main streets in Stonebridge. While I am holding back my laughter,
I make the turn, pass them with my windows down, and tell them I
absolutely have to get a picture of this. So I then sped down the road
(4wd rules), pulled over, and waited for them to come over the hill. I
grabbed about 4 shots, and I hope to get them developed soon.

BTW, I also am having an interesting telephone company dilemma. I’ll let
you know how it turns out once things settle down a bit. Don’t want to
mention any names until everything is said and done :).


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